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Wagner as I Knew Him

by Ferdinand Christian Wilhelm Praeger

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Towards Jews and Judaism he had a most pronounced antipathy, and yet this did not prevent him from numbering many Hebrews among his most devoted friends. Pursued with the wildest ambition, he steadfastly refused all proffered titles and decorations. He formulated most positive rules for the music-drama, and then referring to “Tristan and Isolde,” states: “There I entirely forgot all theory, and became conscious how far I had gone beyond my own system.”[1] With Meyerbeer in view, he emphatically insisted that after sixty no composer should write, as being incapacitated by age and consequent failure of brain power, and then when long past this period he not only writes one of his greatest works, but when seventy and within the shadow of death, was engaged upon another of engrossing interest, viz. on the Hindoo religion.

































This,,,includes,,,works,,,designated,,,by,,,their,,,composers,,,as,,,a,,,'Minuet',,,(or,,,menuet,,,,menuetto),,,in,,,a,,,title,,,or,,,subtitle. Pages,,,in,,,category,,,"For,,,violin,,,,viola,,,,cello,,,,piano",,,The,,,following,,,200,,,pages,,,are,,,in,,,this,,,category,,,,out,,,of,,,267,,,total. Choral,,,definition,,,,of,,,a,,,chorus,,,or,,,a,,,choir:,,,She,,,heads,,,our,,,new,,,choral,,,societySee,,more. Mimetic,,definition,,,characterized,,by,,,exhibiting,,,or,,of,,the,,nature,,of,,imitation,,or,,mimicry:,,mimetic,,gesturesSee,,more. Adolf,,Hitler,,was,,born,,on,,20,,April,,1889,,in,,Braunau,,am,,Inn,,,a,,town,,in,,Austria-Hungary,,(in,,present-day,,Austria),,,close,,to,,the,,border,,with,,the,,German,,EmpireHe,,,was,,,one,,,... Wilhelm,,,Richard,,,Wagner,,,(/,,,ˈ,,,v,,,ɑː,,,ÉĄ,,,n,,,ər,,,/;,,,German:,,,[ˈʁiçaʁt,,,ˈvaːɥnɐ];,,,22,,,May,,,1813,,,–,,,13,,,February,,,1883),,,was,,,a,,,German,,,composer,,,,theatre,,,director,,,... Get,,,information,,,,facts,,,,and,,,pictures,,,about,,,The,,,Philippines,,,at,,,Encyclopedia.comSee:,,,Pessoa,,,,Fernando,,,,1888-1935

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